Commitment to Quality





Since our founding in 1945 by Seymour Unterman, the Supreme Oil Company has grown to become a leading global supplier of the finest quality vegetable oil-related products for the food services industry. Our distributors and exporters have relied on us for decades to reliably and consistently manufacture, package and deliver our products wherever they are needed.

As a company producing delicious food products, we are passionate and committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. We develop and employ industry best practices to ensure we meet our customers’ current and evolving needs.


Supreme Oil® believes in the value of listening to our customers, and learning and innovating in ways that contribute to their success. This commitment to our business partners has enabled us to grow long-term customer relationships and expand into new and broader distribution channels.

Today, Supreme Oil Company offers many high quality brands including: Admiration Foods, PIKNIK®, Salad Bar®, ProFry®, Viva®, Petria® and more. These brands represent hundreds of retail packaged food products made with farm-fresh ingredients. Our culinary department and product development team push new product innovation within our own retail and food services brands. At the same time, our experts work collaboratively with our National Chain accounts to foster new product development and increased competitive advantage.

Supreme Oil and our product brands are gaining significant traction and market share. More importantly, we are reversing the unsettling trend of high cost for quality food in America’s local markets. Learn how we do this >>

Heart Healthy Alert!

Introducing Admiration Expeller-Pressed Non-GMO Canola Oil – Now Available!

This light, versatile culinary oil is made without using toxic solvents to extract the canola oil from seeds— our mechanical expeller-press process creates a delicious, ZeroTrans fat oil that’s a great source of Omega-3 and Vitamin E. With the least saturated fat of any edible oil, it’s perfect for health-conscious consumers.

Learn about Admiration’s Expeller-Pressed Non-GMO Canola Oil 

Deep Fried Turkey

Corporate Chef Vincent Barcelona shares with you How to Cook “Deep Fried Turkey” in preparation for the Holidays using Supreme and Piknik’s Turkey Frying Oil.