Our History

Pride and Perseverance

1945 – Founder, Seymour Unterman drives from Brooklyn to Atlanta in a brand new green Oldsmobile hoping to make a trade. Since almost every commodity was in short supply after the war, Seymour hoped to trade this new car for vegetable oil. It was a long shot. Determined to make a deal, Seymour parked the car conspicuously in the no-parking zone of the supplier’s office and, sure enough, it was on the hood of that 1945 Oldsmobile that our company was born. The car stayed behind and Seymour headed back to Brooklyn on the train. Three days later, Seymour returned from his trip and the sidewalks of Brooklyn were lined with drums of Cottonseed Oil. Admiration Foods™ was now in business.

1947 – Operating from 72 Spencer Street in Brooklyn, NY, Admiration® quickly establishes itself as a dependable supplier of cooking oils. Growing only by word of mouth, the company prospers and relocates to 402 Park Avenue to expand its production line.

1957 – Admiration wins first prize for the best salad dressing, beating the finest chefs in NYC. Demand for Admiration oil continues to grow. The company decides to relocate to Long Island City, NY to support its growth.

1959/60 – Admiration purchases National Oil & Shortening of Newark, NJ and ventures into the shortening business. On September 10, 1960, the company produces its first case of Admiration Mayonnaise.

1965/66 – A spectacular fire that burned for three straight days totally destroys the company’s factory. Once again, Admiration shows its resiliency. The company quickly moves to Richmond Hill, NY and continues to grow its market share.

1979 – The Garden Fresh Salad Oil Company in Long Island City is acquired and adds new capabilities for olive oil and blended oil.

1982 – Unexpectedly, the City of New York informs the company that it needs to move to make way for a new subway station. In response, the company combines their Garden Fresh and Richmond Hill locations and moves into its present facility at 80 South Dean Street in Englewood, NJ.

1987/89 – 100 South Dean Street in Englewood, NJ is purchased for future expansion. Distributors and Food Services customers begin to realize that Admiration is more than a low cost producer.

2005 – On March 13, 2005, Founder, Seymour Unterman passes away at 89 years old.

2006 – Piknik Foods is acquired in Brundidge, Ala., A full-scale mayonnaise, oil, mustard, vinegar and salad dressing production facility. Piknik’s processes and unique flavor profiles were quickly duplicated in New Jersey, enabling the expansion of these products to northeastern markets. Piknik grows steadily with the company expanding five times its original size.

2008 – Fenwick Oil is acquired and begins to penetrate the retail oil market.

2009 – Choice Foods is acquired with their manufacturing location in Nashville, TN. Now operating from three strategic locations, the company is positioned to compete for business across the eastern U.S. markets.

Today – With over 72 years of a proud history, Supreme and the Admiration line of great quality products is well positioned for a bright future.