Fruity & Robust


Artichoke and olive pizza

ideal solution for large quantity batch cooking

Originally designed to be a value-based alternative to Viva®, Divo® has evolved into the ideal solution for large quantity batch cooking. Like Viva, Divo offers a hint of olive oil while providing the functionality required for large batch cooking.

For example, when you’re making a pizza, Divo will produce just the right amount of olive oil flavor without overpowering your pizza creations. It’s more subtle and lighter than many other oils, making it perfect for pizza and hundreds of other recipes.

With Divo and Viva, we have sourced what we believe to be the best olive oils on the market. Our culinary department travels all over the world to find and sample ingredients.

We secure the best products available to produce the fruitiest and most robust flavor profiles and work to optimize the most effective blends. It’s an extraordinary effort, but Supreme Oil is committed to producing products that are innovative and consistently excellent for our expanding consumer markets.