Salad Bar

Premium Dressing


Chef Vincent’s Salmon pastrami on warm potato blini with garden chives and “Salad Bar-Dijon Horseradish Cream”


With its origin in the early 1950s, Salad Bar® was designed for the steak and brew restaurants of that era, which always offered a classic salad bar. It’s only natural that Salad Bar became the trademark and name for our premium dressings.

With flavor profiles oriented to mainstream consumer tastes, the Salad Bar brand is marketed to national restaurant chains. It features food qualities such as smooth and creamy, which are favored in American style cuisine.

All Salad Bar products contain only the highest quality ingredients to create delicious dressings that will delight the most uncompromising palates.

Salad Bar Dressings include:

Thousand Island
Buttermilk Ranch
Golden Italian
Creamy Italian
Creamy Caesar
Balsamic Vinaigrette 
Parmesan Peppercorn
Honey Mustard
Blue Cheese
Honey French