Smooth & Savory


Charred NY Strip Steak with Summer Corn on the Cobb and Tomato Salad and Viva Olive Oil

Our Original Blend

Viva® is the original oil blend produced by Supreme Oil Company founder, Seymour Unterman. It possesses the functionally and durability of vegetable oil while providing the unique taste of olive oil. Viva provides the perfect balance of value with the ability to maintain quality flavor profiles a chef would expect from an olive oil.

Chefs Love Viva!

Chefs appreciate the versatility of Viva attributes, but most importantly, they love the taste and results achieved when using Viva to make their most popular recipes.

Ideal for busy Italian Restaurants

This blended oil is designed to absorb classic favors from garlic, onions, fish, as well as the flavors of meats in traditional Italian favorites. Viva delivers the smoothness and fullness expected by those who savor fine cuisine.