3 Primary Packaging Segments

Supreme Oil® offers a wide variety of product categories in three primary packaging segments: food service, portion control and retail. Our unique packaging capability is an integral part of our vertically integrated operation. This integration yields remarkable efficiency across all of our product lines, making Supreme Oil an industry leader in providing cross-channel segments with quality foods at game-changing prices.

Food Service

Our founder, Seymour Untermann, started the business by personally calling on restaurant owners to introduce the quality and value of our oils. His focus on the food services industry remains a crucial part of Supreme Oil’s core values. Despite initial resistance to taking on new products, restaurant owners and food distributors tried Seymour’s products, took notice, and orders began rolling in.

Today, Supreme Oil’s products have a high degree of brand awareness in the food services marketplace, and we sell product in every continent around the world. Distributors in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia are enjoying the benefits of “made fresh and delivered daily,” ensuring that Supreme Oil brands are the freshest in the industry.

Portion Control

Portion control packaging arose from concerns about food safety, along with the rising popularity of take-out food and retail chains’ desire for sanitary, convenient and cost-saving packaging. Supreme Oil responded to these drivers by re-tooling our manufacturing plants to create portion-control packaging for many of our products.

Today, our vertically integrated operation produces high quality, portion-controlled products at low cost including salad dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ sauce, sweet & sour and a variety of specialty sauces.

Our portion control packaging reduces waste and increases product shelf life. Supreme Oil® manufactures its portion control packaged products in its Nashville, Tenn., plant.


Supreme Oil products are widely adopted and recognized leaders in food services markets. Over the past few years, many of our brands have become so popular that fans have requested that we offer them in retail stores.

Fast-forward to today, the retail market is one the fastest-growing segment of our business. Many of our brands are now packaged for retail and are among the best sellers in stores within the northeastern US.

Supreme Oil is committed to expanding this business segment and becoming a product of choice against many of the well-known and prohibitively expensive brands in American grocery stores today. We believe that once consumers taste our products, they will realize what so many restaurant chefs already know – high quality food doesn’t have to be expensive.

Ironically, thousands of consumers have tasted our products in their favorite restaurants and deli’s across America. Some just don’t know that they’re enjoying a Supreme Oil product or Supreme brand, yet!